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Game-themed Wedding Cakes

By | 10:56 AM

I feel horrible about neglecting the gamecakes website for so long. I don’t even have Diablo 3 to blame this time, I am so over that game! To keep myself from buying Guild Wars 2 (I just don’t want to spend another 2 years of my life on a MMO, thank you very much!), I’ve […]

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Zelda Triforce Cake

By | 06:57 PM

Finally! Time for a gamecake! I baked this one as a prize for the Game of the Year-award of the MKT 4 game development project I assisted. Also, since it’s Link’s 25th birthday, a Zelda-themed cake seemed appropriate. It’s filled with two layers of strawberry bavarois with fresh strawberries and covered in buttercream and a […]

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