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Amigurumi Crochet Update: Google Android Robot (AmigurAndroid) and Dragon

By | 06:54 PM

Even though I don’t always feel like or have time for baking for this site often, I do typically find the time to crochet a couple of rounds on some small amigurumi projects. Remember the Google Android I made out of marzipan? While I had to eat that little guy at some point, I now […]

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Marzipan Google Android Robot (or MarzipAndroid)

By | 10:06 PM

Yes, I am still alive, and yes I have been baking stuff. In the past weeks I baked a strawberry-whipped cream cake for my mom, cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and 64 (such a geeky number) chocolate chip cookies ^^ I did however not have the time to make anything game related. But here’s the good […]

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