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Game-themed Wedding Cakes

By | 10:56 AM

I feel horrible about neglecting the gamecakes website for so long. I don’t even have Diablo 3 to blame this time, I am so over that game! To keep myself from buying Guild Wars 2 (I just don’t want to spend another 2 years of my life on a MMO, thank you very much!), I’ve […]

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Feature: Game Cupcakes

By | 02:38 PM

The cupcake-lovers over at ‘Cupcakes Take The Cake’ have just posted a Cupcake Appreciation Post celebrating Video Games. I particularly like the sparkly Mario star ones by Catherine ^^. Sparkly Mario Star Cupcakes

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Mario Cake

By | 10:24 PM

A Facebook friend (yarly) asked me to bake a Mario-themed cake for her son’s birthday. She requested that there should be at least one Goomba on it. Since that wouldn’t have looked very festive, I decided to make a little more than that from fondant and marzipan: And then the cake! This was my first […]

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