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Chocobo Cupcake (of Final Fantasy fame)

By | 03:00 PM

Last post of the year! I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 (wouldn’t that be XIV? -> don’t be ridiculous, a sequel to XIII is obviously called XIII-2!) a lot lately. And by a lot I mean I’ve put at least 40 hours in a short amount of time. So, in the Final Fantasy-themed cupcakes that start […]

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Cactuar Cupcake (of Final Fantasy fame)

By | 09:14 PM

If I could pick one enemy as my favorite from the entire Final Fantasy series it would be Cactuar (known in some regions as Sabotendā). The character design, the way they move, the sounds they make… Perfection! It is therefore with great joy that today I can present you a Cactuar Cupcake! Made from marzipan […]

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