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Still Alive

By | 10:12 PM

Hi there GameCake-aficionados! Just wanted to give you an update on why I haven’t updated (lol, there’s a joke in there somewhere, but coming up with this joke is left as an exercise to the reader!) this site since forever. I’ve been extremely busy working on my MSc graduation project and studying for my final […]

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Angry Birds Marzipan tutorial: how to make the Red Bird

By | 03:23 AM

Always wanted to make the Angry Birds Red Bird out of marzipan? Well this is your lucky day then: I am posting a tutorial just for you! In 10 simple steps, you will be the proud owner of your very own marzipan Red Bird. And of courseĀ feel free to ask me stuff or show off […]

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Happy Easter: Angry Birds Easter Cake!

By | 12:08 PM

Happy Easter everyone! To celebrate this special occasion, I finally got around to baking that Angry Birds cake that I’ve been wanting to bake since forever. So without further ado, I present you with the Angry Birds Easter cake: It’s made of vanilla cake filled with a double layer of yellow pastry cream and covered […]

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Upcoming projects

By | 09:42 AM

So I’m pondering what my next move will be in the the gamecake production department. There are a couple of games that I’d like to base my next (cup)cake(s) on: Angry birds Nobi Nobi Boy Super Meat Boy Decisions, decisions! What should I do first? If you have a preference, let me know in the […]

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