Free amigurumi crochet pattern: Xenoblade Chronicles X Nopon

By | Sunday July 12th, 2015

A while ago, my friend Raynor mentioned that Nopon from the Xenoblade Chronicles games might be a cool crochet idea. I agreed wholeheartedly, they are cute and consists of relatively simple roundish shapes, so they are perfect for crochet. These small egg-shaped colorful creatures are just so cute with their cute little faces and ear-wings. I mean honesty:


Those ear/wings are pretty versatile! I would love to have them myself ;)

With his birthday coming up, I knew what had to be done. There was no pattern available, so it was pattern writing time once again! But first I’ll show you the results:

Alright, onwards to the pattern. You will need yarn in Nopon-appropriate color (pastels mainly), a hooksize that works for your yarn (I used 2.75 mm), a needle, safety eyes (preferably almond shaped if you have access to those), embroidery thread for the mouth, and textile dye for the blushing cheeks.


Feet (2x):

  • 1: magic circle with 6 sc
  • 2: 6 sc
  • 3: 6 sc
  • 4: ss and bind off

Arms (2x):

  • 1: chain 8
  • 2: ss 7
  • 3: bind off and make a knot with the tail end

Ears (2x):

  • 1: chain 16
  • 2: 2 ss, 13 sc, chain 1
  • 3: 13 sc, chain 3
  • 4: 2 ss, 8 sc, 5 ss
  • 5: 13 sc, chain 3
  • 6: 4 ss and bind off


  • 1: This was not really an exact science, I think I magic circled 4 sc, then did 2 sc and used a needle to sew it into a tail-like shape ;)

Attach all the body parts in the appropriate places, embroider on his/her little mouth and paint on some soft glowy cheeks. If you would like to add some fluffy hair, attach a couple of short yarn scraps and unravel them. Have fun!

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