Day of the Tentacle cupcakes 2nd edition

By | Monday October 6th, 2014

Bet you didn’t see this one coming right, a GameCakes update! I know it’s been roughly two years since I last baked something video-game related, but I can assure you I am still very much alive. I’ve been a much better and more frequent blogger over at my personal blog, but I’ll not bore you with such details when there are gamecakes to be shared :)

Last week, a dear co-worker unfortunately left our group and I could only think of one appropriate parting gift, as he is a big Day of the Tentacle fan. You guessed it, Day of the Tentacle cupcakes! Again! This time around, I only had about 30 mins to sculpt them though. I decided to make three purple tentacles in various sizes and poses. I didn’t have any black marzipan, so also no evil unibrow this time ;). They are conquering the world while comfortably resting on Tiramisu-flavoured iced cupcakes. Enough talk, pics or it didn’t happen! Pictures are this time courtesy of the receiver of the cupcakes and Raynor with his superfancy phone camera:

Excuse the frosting stains on the paper, but these cupcakes had to travel by public transport to reach their final destination. That’s all for now, I’ll post again in two years or so ;)


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