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Free amigurumi crochet pattern: Xenoblade Chronicles X Nopon

By | 03:27 PM

A while ago, my friend Raynor mentioned that Nopon from the Xenoblade Chronicles games might be a cool crochet idea. I agreed wholeheartedly, they are cute and consists of relatively simple roundish shapes, so they are perfect for crochet. These small egg-shaped colorful creatures are just so cute with their cute little faces and ear-wings. I mean […]

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Catalonian Tio de Nadal (Christmas Log) / Caga tio (Shitting Log) Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

By | 06:41 PM

Tio de Nadal crochet Catalonian Christmas log

A clear benefit of working in an international team is getting introduced to delicious food and interesting cultural traditions. One of these traditions I was recently introduced to is a Catalonian Christmas tradition that involves a decorated Christmas log. A Tió de Nadal, Christmas Log, or as it is also commonly referred to: Caga tió, […]

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Amigurumi Crochet Update: Google Android Robot (AmigurAndroid) and Dragon

By | 06:54 PM

Even though I don’t always feel like or have time for baking for this site often, I do typically find the time to crochet a couple of rounds on some small amigurumi projects. Remember the Google Android I made out of marzipan? While I had to eat that little guy at some point, I now […]

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Amigurumi Cupcake and Cthulhu

By | 12:03 PM

In my previous post, I mentioned I was trying my hand at some Amigurumi. Today I realized, why not post the results here as well? There are a couple of good reasons not to: It’s not edible It’s not (directly) game-related But then I realized, it’s my blog and I can post whatever I want. […]

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