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Project Eternity Chocolate Cake

By | 07:49 PM

Obsidian Entertainment has started a kickstarter last month to crowdfund Project Eternity: an isometric, party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world. I immediately backed them as soon as I found out about this. Why am I so excited about all this? Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment and basically all Infinity Engine games are my […]

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Planescape: Torment | Rune of Torment cake

By | 05:53 PM

Of all the games I’ve played, the most well-written one (800.000 words anyone?) has got to be Planescape: Torment. Released in 1999, this RPG used the Infinity engine (of Baldur’s Gate fame) and takes place in the Planescape (AD&D) setting. I love everything about it really, it’s hard to describe just how awesome this game […]

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Pacman Lemon Bars

By | 07:53 AM

So I got these measuring spoons in the mail this week: cup, tbsp, tsp, stuff like that. This means I can finally try baking some American recipes! Try? Yes, try! Apparently, it is not a really good idea to bake lemon bars (recipe here) in a leaky pan over an oven grid…. I was very […]

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Zelda Triforce Cake

By | 06:57 PM

Finally! Time for a gamecake! I baked this one as a prize for the Game of the Year-award of the MKT 4 game development project I assisted. Also, since it’s Link’s 25th birthday, a Zelda-themed cake seemed appropriate. It’s filled with two layers of strawberry bavarois with fresh strawberries and covered in buttercream and a […]

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Happy Easter: Angry Birds Easter Cake!

By | 12:08 PM

Happy Easter everyone! To celebrate this special occasion, I finally got around to baking that Angry Birds cake that I’ve been wanting to bake since forever. So without further ado, I present you with the Angry Birds Easter cake: It’s made of vanilla cake filled with a double layer of yellow pastry cream and covered […]

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Super Meat Boy Brownie

By | 05:09 PM

As mentioned in a previous post I was looking for a good theme for my upcoming baking adventure. After an overwhelming response (on facebook, not my blog unfortunately), Super Meat Boy got the most votes. So as requested by my readers, today I present you with this Super Meat Boy Brownie: Did you know this […]

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Seinfeld Cake

By | 06:56 AM

Ok, you got me. There is no Seinfeld videogame (that I’m aware of, prove me wrong in the comments section). But, I’ve found a loophole! It turns out there are plenty of Seinfeld boardgames, so this cake is still gamecakes material. I made this for the season 5 Seinfeld marathon, so the things you see […]

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Mario Cake

By | 10:24 PM

A Facebook friend (yarly) asked me to bake a Mario-themed cake for her son’s birthday. She requested that there should be at least one Goomba on it. Since that wouldn’t have looked very festive, I decided to make a little more than that from fondant and marzipan: And then the cake! This was my first […]

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Pacman Cake

By | 09:47 PM

I recently assisted a project on my university called Mazerunner. In a couple of weeks, the students were expected to create a 3D game based on a 3D Pacman game. When the teaching staff asked me to bake a cake for the winners, there was little doubt in my mind that this should be a […]

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